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Mechanical Engineering


The vision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to be regionally, nationally and internationally recognized in providing mechanical engineering education, leading to well qualified engineers who are innovative, immediate contributors to their profession and successful in advanced studies.


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate, prepare, inspire, and mentor students to excel as professionals and to grow throughout their careers in the art, science and responsibilities of engineering.


To maintain a high standard of mechanical engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovative curricula, and research training that reflect the changing needs of society.

To attract highly motivated students with enthusiasm, aptitude and interest in mechanical engineering.

To pursue excellence in research and technology transfer.

To recruit, retain, and develop the members of the Department.

To increase the public awareness of Departmental activities and the Mechanical Engineering profession.


Department Objectives

To develop and maintain a strong academic staff base for optimum departmental performance.

To improve, develop and establish teaching programs in line with country’s industrialization needs.

To develop and promote quality and market driven academic and professional pursuits.

To expand, strengthen and sustain the departmental income base.

To strengthen and expand collaboration and partnerships with industry and other organization.

To establish culture of hard work, good governance in leadership and management of the department.

To develop, promote and carry out programs for epidemic and disaster prevention as well as risk management.

About Department

Established in the year 2011 with well equipped laboratories.

From starting we are maintaining the well trained and having high qualified faculty members.

Our department students are prepared some models and displayed in the various science fests.

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