About Teaching and Learning Centre

The institute provides the required resources to the students for making the learning student centric. The faculty concentrates on imparting knowledge through an engage learning process where the students learn by doing which accelerates creativity and innovative skills.

SITS adopted the following learning methods for experiential learning, participative learning and problem-solving skills. Experiential Learning:

  • Well-established laboratories
  • Group Discussions on advanced technology
  • Brainstorming session and Roleplay

Participative Learning:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Think-pair-share and muddiest point
  • Student seminars

Problem Solving Skills:

  • Project works and Case studies
  • Industrial visits
  • Reasoning

Group Discussion on the Advanced Technologies:

Students are allowed to go to the library for verifying latest articles on advanced technology. The groups of students are directed to discuss the current issues and advanced technologies to enhance their learning levels.

Active learning methods:

Active learning methods are adopted in the class room to make the students actively involved in the learning process. They are Flipped Classroom, Think-Pair-Share and Muddiest Point.

In Flipped Classroom learning method, teacher shares recorded video/audio lecture with the student. Students in the class room clear their doubts on prerecorded concepts. In Think- Pair-Share learning method, a team of students asked to prepare the notes on specific topic before coming to the class. In the classroom they are asked to share their views/ideas with the remaining students. In Muddiest learning method, teacher asks questions at the end of the class, about the muddiest point of that day’s class. Most confusing or least understood point of the subject will be clarified by the teacher.

Student Seminars, Project Works and Industrial Visits:

Students are allowed to design and execute Mini and Major Projects on advanced topics during the course of their study. The institute also arranges Industrial Visits for practical learning and arranges interacting Sessions with the Executives. Students regularly visit industries like SHAR, NARL, Power plant, etc.,

Problem-solving skills:

The Institute very often arranges expert lectures drawing the resource persons from the Industry Concerned. Aptitude tests and problem-solving practices are arranged with the help of industry executives.

  1. Case study:The case study method was adapted in the Teaching-Learning process in terms of logical thinking and practical knowledge.
  2. Analysis and reasoning:The use of internet access and Wi-Fi facilities makes the students learn Analysis and Reasoning.
  3. Quiz Programs:Quiz programs were conducted and winners were given certificates.