Entrepreneurship Development Cell

A cell called the Entrepreneurship Development Cell was established in the college to promote the idea of entrepreneurship among the students. The Cell strives to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus and offers students a platform to develop ideas into financially viable technological businesses. Additionally, the cell wants to empower professors who are enthusiastic about putting programs into action. Since its start, the cell has pushed students to consider options outside of internships and jobs. To boost the students' entrepreneurial spirit, numerous energizing speeches and awareness campaigns are held.


  1. To raise student awareness of entrepreneurship.
  2. To organize
    1. Entrepreneurship Motivation Programs
    2. Skill development programs
    3. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
    4. Entrepreneurship Development Programs
    5. Staff Development programs
    6. Competitions to unleash the entrepreneurial potential among students
  3. To Promote Innovation
    1. Foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture in the institution.
    2. Provide services, information, and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.
    3. Establishment of entrepreneurship Incubation centers
    4. Creation and dissemination of new knowledge.
  4. To improve the managerial capabilities
    1. Encourage non-corporate and unorganized sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry, etc.
    2. Participate in institution entrepreneur-building efforts
    3. Respond effectively to emerging challenges and opportunities and practice through exploration.

Presiding Officer:

Mr. R.L.B.R. Prasad Reddy

Assistant Professor,

Electronics and Communication Engineering Dept.